Snow day

There’s something special about a snow day. Snuggling warm in bed knowing it’s frigid outside. Seeing the blowing snow swirling and icicles forming and hearing the coffee pot click on. It’s a wonderful moment of contrasts.

There’s the wonderful anticipation of a day with no plans stretching out in front of you with nothing but potential. As an adult there are few chances for moments like this. Our lives are filled with the minutia of living. Food to shop for, dinners to prepare, laundry to be done all squeezed into the moments you’re not working.

We’ll be back to the daily grind soon enough. Savor this moment. And just breathe it in.



Meals on Wheels – Buffalo Chapter

Remembering those in need during the holidays is our responsibility as citizens, as people, as humans.


As I look forward to a few days off to spend with family and friends, I can’t help but think of those people who are homeless, cold, alone.  Need does not take a vacation during the holidays.

This Thanksgiving I participated with the Meals on Wheels program here in Buffalo, NY.  I was impressed with how well run it was as well as the enthusiasm and dedication of the group of volunteers who braved frigid tempteratures to make sure that those who were in need did not go without.


Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels Crew: Mom, Dad, Sky (sister), Me!  Photo Credit: Skylar Beaver

I am sure you are bombarded by many worthy charities at this time of year all hoping for your generosity.

This is a small effort, my personal one, to make a difference and give a little back in this season of gratitude and plenty for many of us.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays.